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**Please keep in mind that these are salon prices and independent rental stylists my have different prices than listed here.

Please contact your stylist for exact pricing.**

**All services are a la carte**

Master Stylist Prices

Basic Haircut* $35

Custom Haircut with blow-dry style* $50 &up

Blow dry/style $25 &up

Blow dry with iron $30 & up

Extensions installation only $60 hr.

Color touch up $55

Full color $65 & up*

Partial foils $80 & up*

2 color part foils $90 & up*

Full foils $110 & up*

2 color full foils $120 & up*

Base Break with foiling $45

Base break a la carte $50

Toner with foiling $25

Toner a la carte $40

Color Gloss add on $40

Color gloss a la carte $60

Olaplaex conditioning treatment $40

Color Correction $60hr.

Updo/special style $75+

*basic haircut is an a la carte cut only

*Custom Haircut is a cut and blow dry with additional

detail cutting afterward

**and up pricing depends on length and thickness of hair.

Extra time and product may be required


Eyebrow Shape and Wax $25

Lip $10
Lip & Chin combo $25

Chin $20

See online booking page

for full list of services





Manicure $25

Gel polish Manicure $35

Gel polish with Acrylic dip $40


Pedicure $50

Gel polish Pedicure $60


Acrylic Full set $65

Acrylic Fill (cuticle & tips) $45

Acrylic Fill with gel polish $45

Repair (per nail) $5


acrylic removal $45 (includes manicure) 

nail art $5 - $25

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